TEAM KCDC: Dr. Karen Lischka

As a practicing dentist for close to 25 years, I can say it is my pleasure to come to work with the great team at KCDC.  Advances in dental techniques allow me to provide comfortable, natural looking dentistry for my patients. When not at work, I enjoy travelling and walking my big dog Mac.

On a sunny Saturday you will find me…

Working on my yard, or on the beach at Matlock.

Favourite place you’ve traveled to

I was just in Boston this summer. It is a great city to visit; very walkable, lots of history, and the restaurants are fabulous.

Current book that you are reading

It’s a story that begins in 1805 when a wealthy girl is gifted a slave for her 11th birthday.  It is a story that follows these two women as they grow up.  It was very interesting and well written.

Go to restaurant

Pizzeria Gusto has the best Café Americas and chocolate tart for dessert.

Best summer drink

Something cold

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