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Your Dental Services

We welcome every patient, from those who need regular dental maintenance to those with the most challenging oral problems.

Emergency Dentistry


Illustration of a tooth with a lighting bolt on top.
Don’t let a dental emergency stop you from doing what you love. Whether it’s a bad toothache, a filling pops out or you accidently broke a tooth at your beer-league hockey game, we’re here for you. Mishaps happen, and call us for your emergency dental needs!
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Pediatric Dentistry


Illustration of baby with pacifier
We love helping children develop and preserve beautiful, healthy smiles. Dental health is a lifelong journey, and we are your partners in making sure their smiles are well taken care of today and for many years to come. Our dental clinic offers a friendly, welcoming and child-friendly atmosphere. We make your child’s visits as enjoyable as possible.
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Orthodontics Dentistry


Braces on teeth icon
We want to help you and your family achieve perfect smiles with our orthodontic braces and Invisalign services. Invisalign treatment straightens teeth predictably and comfortably using clear removable aligners while braces are attached to your teeth. Book an appointment to see which one is the right option for you.
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Implant Dentistry


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Sometimes you need a dental implant to replace a tooth or maybe several teeth. We offer painless, low-invasive dental surgery to individuals that ensure you keep a bright and beautiful smile.
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General Dentistry

Dental Hygiene

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To have good dental health, you need a mix of personal dental care and the care of your dentist. Here at our Winnipeg dental clinic, we provide professional services to maintain good oral health and clean teeth for you and your loved ones.
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Oral Health Techniques

Toothpaste and toothbrush icon
We offer services that help improve our patients’ oral hygiene, such as dental cleanings and fluoride rinses to help strengthen and whiten their teeth. We want to prevent any future problems from happening, so we educate our patients on how they can best care for their and their family’s oral health. Other preventative services include taking dental x-rays and placing dental sealants.
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Dental Restoration

Tooth surrounding by three arrows rotating anti-clockwise
Tooth decay or cavities are the most common oral health problem, and fillings are the most common solution. When you have cavities, tiny holes penetrate through the different layers of your teeth. Dental fillings are used to fill and seal these holes, so the damage won’t get more serious. Left unchecked, cavities can lead to serious problems and intense pain.
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Root Canal Treatment

Tooth enamel protecting the inner layer of the teeth icon
A root canal treatment is often recommended when the nerve of your tooth becomes infected. This procedure requires removing the infected, injured or dead pulp from your tooth to save your tooth from extraction.
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Laser Cold Sore Removal

Injection needle icon
Many Winnipeggers suffer from cold sores. Did you know that if you catch a lesion early enough, you may prevent a cold sore from breaking out? Next time you feel that pre-outbreak tingling, give us a call for a laser therapy appointment. Relief can be immediate and profound.
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Cosmetic Dentistry


Braces on teeth icon
We’ve helped countless patients improve their smiles with a range of cosmetic dental services. We can fix broken or damaged teeth and replace missing teeth. Whether you need veneers or want whiter teeth, we are here to help.
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Teeth Whitening

Sparkling teeth icon
If you’re looking for ZOOM! teeth whitening in Winnipeg, we've got you covered. We offer Zoom! whitening as a fast, effective way to brighten your smile. We also have traditional appliances and “take-home” kits available to whiten your teeth.
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Dental crown on top of teeth icon
If you have chipped or broken teeth, or teeth that are discoloured, your dentist may recommend this procedure for you. Dental crowns are used for dental restorations where a “cap” is fitted over your tooth.
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Dental bridge icon
A dental bridge is a procedure to replace a missing tooth or teeth. We will create an artificial tooth (or teeth) and use crowns to hold it in place permanently.
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Night Guards

Tooth being protected by a shield icon
We are here to help Winnipeggers who grind their teeth, snore and have sleep apnea. Our custom fitted Night Guards help protect your teeth from damage, and our Elastic Mandibular Advancement (EMA) mouth guards can help prevent you from snoring and help alleviate sleep apnea.
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Athletic Mouthguards

Tooth being protected by a shield icon
We also offer form-fitted athletic mouth guards to help prevent trauma to the teeth during sports. Custom mouth guards fabricated by a dentist not only provide the most protection for your teeth, but also provide support to keep them in place. It also helps make it easier for the athlete to breathe and speak during athletic activity.
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Dentures icon
We always do everything we can to preserve your natural teeth, but sometimes dentures are required. We offer overdentures, partial dentures and complete dentures at our Winnipeg dental clinic.
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