Pro-Form Sports Mouthguard: Professionally Fitted

sports mouth guard

sports mouth guardKildonan Crossing Dental has provided Pro-Fit Mouthguards for athletes in not only Winnipeg but all across Manitoba for over 10 years. We continue to deliver a superior product at a very competitive price and feel that a professionally-fitted sports Mouthguard is something that every athlete should invest in.

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Product Overview:

  • Professionally fitted for the athlete
  • Allows for quality oxygen intake for easy breathing during physical exercise
  • Designed for optimal comfort
  • Easier to communicate with
  • Helps prevent against injuries to the jaw and teeth
  • Lessens the severity of some concussions
  • A large variety of colours and patterns to choose from. Team colour options available!

The Choice Is Yours:

You can either purchase a store-bought mouth guard and force yourself to use something that truly doesn’t fit, made of poor quality and very prone to wear and tear, or you can get yourself a professionally-fitted Mouthguard with superior protection, longer-lasting, and for about the same price!

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