Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are dental restorations otherwise known as “caps” that fit over the visible tooth structure. Dental Crowns have many uses and benefits for us.

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Dental Crowns can:

  • change the colour of a tooth
  • restore a broken down tooth
  • alter the shape of a skew tooth to align it in a straight line
  • be extremely durable and long term
Winnipeg Dental Crowns

Many of us are not aware that crowns are made from different materials and a few options exist. When your dentist wants to crown your tooth, ask what type of crown is recommended.

Options include:

  • Acrylic dental crowns
  • Cast metal dental crowns
  • Porcelain dental crowns (most natural-looking)
  • Porcelain with metal support underneath

When getting a crown done, you want something that looks exactly like a real tooth and will be durable for years to come.

Kildonan Crossing Dental Centre is Winnipeg dental crown experts with years of experience and we can assist you through every step of this procedure.

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