Unsupervised Retention

You have completed the supervised retention period following your active orthodontic treatment. The tissues and bone supporting your teeth have now had one year to settle around your teeth.

Sometimes, minor shifting in tooth alignment can occur. These can include normal tooth wear, changes in restorations, trauma, growth, as well as habits such as clenching and nail biting. As long as your retainers are still fitting comfortable, it is a good indication the shifting in minimal.

Nighttime-lifetime wear provides the best guarantee for keeping your teeth straight. We recommend wearing your retainers 1-2 nights a week indefinitely to keep your teeth stable and for proper fit of your retainers.

You can start by slowly reducing your night time wear to 3 times a week for 6 months, and then further reducing  to 1- 2 times a week.

Continue the same habits of retainer care as you have been for the past year. We will no longer book retainer checkups for you; however, we suggest you bring your retainers in periodically to have them checked, perhaps at your regular dental checkups.

If you lose or break a retainer, we are able to make a new appliance for you. However, this may be subject to a fee; you may contact our office if this issue arises.

Check out our Dental Crowns page to see if we can assist with your dental restoration needs.

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