Bleaching Instructions

Depending on the brand of bleach you have, the specific times and application length may vary. Please refer to the instructions given to you regarding the product you have purchased.

  • The bleaching material cannot bleach through plaque, so make sure to brush and floss well before inserting your trays. This avoids spotty whitening.
  • Remove the end cap and discard. Replace it with the dispensing tip in your kit. Remove the protective covering on the dispensing tip and retain it.
  • Fill your trays by expressing a small dot on the outside of each tooth you wish to bleach. Replace the protective cover on the dispensing tip to avoid it drying out. You do not have to bleach all the teeth; you may choose to only bleach the teeth you see when you smile. Also, you do not have to apply the bleaching material to fillings, crowns, veneer or bridges as they will not change in color.
  • Insert your trays firmly around your teeth.
  • The bleach is peroxide based so it may irritate the gums (temporarily while you are bleaching) so be sure to wipe away any excess bleach that expresses out of the trays as you insert them. If you find that there is a lot of excess, you are using too much bleach.
  • Follow the tray-wear schedule indicated for your product. IE: Perfecta Bravo – wear 30 minutes each day for 2 weeks. Try to maintain consecutive days to get the maximum benefit.
  • Do not eat or drink while your trays are in place. Also avoid smoking or grinding your teeth.
  • When you remove your trays, brush your teeth with warm water to remove any residual gel. Also brush out your trays with warm water.
  • Store your trays in the case provided. It is not necessary to keep the trays moist, it is better to let them dry. Please remember to keep your case away from pets as they have a tendency to chew the trays and the cases.
  • Avoid food and drink for at least 30 minutes after bleaching.
  • Store your gel at room temperature and out of the light. If you have any gel left at the end of your treatment you may either continue until all the bleach is gone, or store it for future use.
  • If your teeth become sensitive during treatment, it is ok to skip an application as long as you don’t skip too many. It is also ok to lessen the wear time, although this may affect the maximum benefit. You may also want to call our office, as we may have other options. Also note this sensitivity is temporary and will go away after treatment.
  • Please remember results will vary between patients depending on stain type and stain intensity. It will also vary due to genetic characteristics and tooth structure. Discoloration from certain medicines, illnesses or minerals may not respond as well.
  • The shade of your teeth will settle 1-2 weeks post bleaching.
  • To help keep your smile white, we recommend the “touch up” process once a year, which involves wearing your trays 3-4 consecutive days. Individual tubes of bleach may be purchased at our office for this purpose.
  • We also recommend good oral hygiene and avoiding coffee, tea, red wine, soya sauce and other stain producing products. If you do consume these products, it is advisable to brush immediately to keep stains from penetrating the enamel.

Safety Information

  • If this product contacts your eyes, flush your eyes with cool water for 5 minutes.
  • It is ok if you swallow a small amount of gel as your trays are in place, however, if you ingest a large quantity of gel, you may get a unset stomach and laxative effect.
  • If your clothes come into contact with the gel, rinse them with warm water immediately.

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