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A Few Notes About Your Dentist Appointment:

At Kildonan Crossing Dental Centre, we pride ourselves on keeping a bright, professional environment and we work very hard to keep our days running on time. This doesn’t happen by accident. Our staff strives to keep appointments on their mark and we understand your time is at a premium. With that in mind, we ask all KC Dental patients to keep their appointments, be on time and bring any pertinent information for their visit. If you are unable to keep you appointment, we ask for at least 48 hours notice of any change.

Check out the Winnipeg Dentists page to learn more about our dental care services.

A few guidelines to keep in mind:


  • are required for all patient visits.
  • KC Dental will accept emergency visits (please call in advance).
  • 48 hours notice of any change or cancellation
  • First visits require medical and dental histories (or release forms)


  • We ask for payment after your visit
  • We accept dental insurance plans
  • Visa, Mastercard and debit are accepted
  • Payment plans are available for major procedures.

Important Information Regarding Dental Insurance Plans:

For those of you with dental insurance, as a courtesy, we will assist you in processing your claims. You may direct your insurance company to pay your benefits directly to our office by signing the authorization on the Assignment of Benefits Agreement. In order for our office to file your insurance claim, please keep us informed of any changes to your insurance benefits or proof of insurance at each appointment. Your patient portion amount is due when services are provided.

All incurred charges are ultimately the responsibility of the patient, regardless of insurance coverage. We must emphasize that as your dental care provider, our relationship is with you (our patient) and not with your insurance company. Your insurance plan is a contract between you, your employer and the insurance company. Our office is not a party to that contract or any possible restrictions.

Returned cheques and balances older than 60 days may be subject to collection fees and finance charges at the rate of 2% per month. Additionally, charges may be incurred for broken and cancelled appointments without 48-hour advance notice.

If you have questions about your dental treatment, fees or payment options…please feel free to ask any of our staff and we will be happy to explore available options.

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