What Is the Process of a Tooth Extraction?

March 11, 2024

Have you ever heard someone say they’re getting their tooth pulled? The process can sound daunting, but we’re here to remind you that it’s a standard procedure and nothing to worry about. A dentist may recommend tooth extractions for the following reasons:

  • Bacteria infections are deep-rooted within the tooth  
  • Infections have eroded a significant part of the tooth  
  • Patient has too many teeth in proportion to their mouth size
  • Sometimes done before patients get braces

Leaving an infected tooth unchecked can cause the infection to get worse and spread to the bone. The infection can spread to other teeth and cause severe pain.

X-rays are used to examine the severity of the infection. During the removal process, the first step is to use anesthetics in the mouth region. After, your dentist will use tools such as dental forceps to help prepare the tooth for extraction.  

After the tooth is extracted, it is vital to keep the surrounding area of your tooth as clean as possible to avoid any further infections.

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