Laser Treatment For Cold Sore

Minimizing the impact of a cold sore is easy with the right equipment. Ask about our laser cold sore treatment at your next appointment.

How Cold Sore Laser Treatment Works

Typically, a cold sore (also called fever blisters) goes through a few stages of development. It may start with a tingling feeling, followed by a swelling redness around the lip. At its most painful stage, a cold sore will then blister and develop a scab, and take a few more days before it's fully healed. The best time for us to treat a cold sore is when it's starting to develop when you feel a tingling feeling on your lip. A cold sore treatment appointment only takes about 15 minutes or so. We shine an infrared laser that painlessly kills the virus. At the most, you may feel a bit of heat from the laser, but we don’t cut or remove any tissue. After we zap a cold sore, the chances of it returning to the same spot are very low. If it does return, it will be significantly smaller and much less painful than previous flare-ups. If you feel a cold sore coming on, or you have one that's already developing, request a quick appointment with us and we'll take care of it! Check out the Winnipeg Dentists page to learn more about our dental care services.

Laser cold sore treatment is a great way to stop cold sores outbreaks and help them heal faster when they're already there. With the dental laser, we don't do cutting or trimming of the tissue. We shine the laser light on the blister and it stops the virus that causes cold sores from replicating. So if you come in when you get that tingly feeling when you first get a cold sore, we zap it with the laser and prevent it from coming up. If you already have a bit of a sore there, we can shine the laser light on it and it will speed up the healing time for you as well. It's painless, so you don't have to have any anesthetic for it, and we find we get great results always.