How to Handle A Dental Emergency

November 23, 2023

No matter how well we take care of our teeth, accidents happen. If you’re ever in a dental emergency situation, we want you to be prepared and calm so you can tackle anything that comes at you while en route to our Winnipeg dental clinic. Let’s walk through what you can do.

What Steps Should I Take?

1. Don’t panic. In any type of emergency, it’s important to remain calm. Keeping a clear head will help you take action quickly without panicking.

2. If it’s during our clinic hours, give us a call for an emergency dental appointment! Tell us about your symptoms and we’ll help put together a plan of action. Toothaches, chipped or broken teeth, swelling and other mouth injuries can crop up without warning, so we’ll be happy to accommodate you as soon as possible.

3. If you can wait before seeing a dentist, you can take over-the-counter pain medication to manage discomfort, and even use ice to minimize pain and swelling.

4. If it’s after clinic hours and you are experiencing extreme discomfort, have excessive, non-stop bleeding or need immediate medical attention, go to your nearest emergency or urgent care facility.

5. If your swelling is impacting your breathing or sight, go to your nearest emergency room!

Unsure if you're experiencing a dental emergency? Contact our clinic and we will do our best to accommodate you quickly, take care of your injury, and get you on the road to recovery.