How Does Tobacco Affect Oral Health?

March 27, 2024

Smoking cigarettes can cause some major harm to your body, including your oral health. Periodontitis is the most severe form of gum disease, and tobacco has been shown to largely contribute to the development of oral disease.  

Smoking increases the number of bacteria in your mouth, which leads to an increased chance of infection. Those who smoke have a decreased ability to heal their gums, thanks to the nicotine in tobacco. Additionally, even after healing from an infection, there is a higher risk of infection occurring again if someone continues to smoke.  

  • Smoking tobacco makes users 85% more susceptible to gum disease
  • People who smoke have a higher level of tooth loss, general tooth issues, and decreased bone density versus those who don’t

Thankfully with a proper dental routine, oral disease is highly avoidable. This includes regular brushing, consistent flossing, attending appointments, and using additional dental tools (tongue scrapper, electric toothbrush, etc) for optimal results.

Reducing tobacco use doesn’t just benefit your oral health–it helps improve the quality of your body’s health overall.

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