Do Away With Tooth Decay: What You Need To Know About Cavities

January 6, 2022

Cavities, caries and tooth decay are heavily influenced by lifestyle choices, particularly eating habits and your oral hygiene routine. Generally, cavities are more common among children, but adults are at risk of it as well.

What Causes Cavities?

Tooth decay occurs over time. Here are some factors that can lead to tooth decay at the back and front of your teeth:

  • Sticky and sugary foods and drinks like acidic carbonated beverages
  • Food trapped between your teeth
  • Forgetting to brush your teeth
  • Skipping your flossing routine
  • Acid reflux
  • Lack of fluoride

What Does A Cavity Look Like?

According to the Canadian Health Measures Survey, 96 per cent of adults have a history of cavities. If you have never experienced a cavity, you may wonder how to tell if you have one. Some signs of a cavity are: 

  • Tooth pain or sensitivity
  • Visible holes or pits in your teeth
  • Black, brown or white spots or stains on the tooth surface

Whether or not you're able to identify a cavity, it's always a good idea to book an appointment with your Winnipeg dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. They may recommend various treatment options and preventative measures such as dental sealants, dental fillings or fluoride treatment.

How To Prevent Cavities

Good oral hygiene can go a long way in preventing tooth decay. In addition to regular checkups with your dentist, there are actions you can take at home to avoid cavities. Here are some suggestions you can practice:

  • Brush with fluoride toothpaste ideally an hour after a meal
  • Drink water to lower the risk of tooth decay (most public water supplies in Winnipeg contain fluoride, which really helps protect your teeth)
  • Avoid foods that get stuck in grooves and pits of your teeth for long periods, or brush soon after eating them
  • Consume healthy foods like fruits and vegetables to increase saliva flow and wash away food particles

The best way to treat and prevent cavities is to visit us, your Winnipeg dentist, for regular professional cleanings and checkups. In addition to treatments, your dentist and dental hygienist can provide you with tips on brushing techniques and tooth-friendly diets.

Not sure whether you have a cavity? Haven't visited a dentist for a while? Schedule an appointment with us today - our team of dental professionals is ready to help! We're located in Transcona, at the corner of Lagimodiere Boulevard and Regent Avenue. See you soon.