Stop Cold Sores Before They Start

Laser Cold Sore Therapy In Winnipeg

Cold sores are caused by a virus that can be transmitted from person to person through saliva. They are very common and most people will be infected before they turn 10 years old. 

Is there a cure for cold sore? There is currently no cure for cold sore. Once you get the virus, it will stay with you for life. Outbreaks happen when triggered by a fever, hormonal changes, stress and many more environmental causes - each person can be triggered by different reasons. 

The first sign of a cold sore starts with tingling and itching in the area about a day before the painful spots and blisters appear. This pre-outbreak period is the best time to call your dentist at Kildonan Crossing Dental Centre to book a laser cold sore therapy and we can stop the outbreak before it happens. 

Our laser treatment can also help ease pain even when the outbreak has started. 

We are accepting new patients! If you’re looking for cold sore treatments in Winnipeg, we’re here for you and only a phone call away. Next time you feel that pre-outbreak tingling, contact us right away so we can schedule a therapy session at the soonest.


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