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Children’s Dental - Preventing tooth decay

March 24, 2021

Children’s Dental - Preventing tooth decay

When it comes to tooth decay, problems can start very soon in life–as soon as your child has teeth! Industry research shows that the sooner your child sees a dentist, the less you’ll have to spend as a parent throughout their life. At KC Dental, we adhere to the Manitoba Dental Association’s Free First Visit directive. That means your child’s first visit is free! It is vital to prevent issues before they start, and before they reach a point of becoming painful, expensive, and a negative influence on quality of life. Your dentist at KCDC will review all this information with you at your child’s first appointment, but here is a summary of how to keep kids cavity free! For young ones who still desire a bottle of milk, formula or juice at bedtime which all contain sugars–stopping all at once may be difficult. Here are some tips to ease the process: –Put plain water in the bottle. –Give your child a clean soother, a stuffed toy or a blanket. –If your child cries, do not give up! Comfort him or her, and try again. –Try watering down your child's bottle over a week or two, until there is only plain water left. All smiles need to be taken care of from an early age–no matter how mini. Our goal is to provide the highest quality experience within a comforting and inviting environment. We are currently accepting new patients and welcome you to contact us!

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