Awesome Tooth-Friendly Advent Calendar Ideas

November 18, 2021

The holiday season is approaching, and it can be a tough time for your teeth and gums. But our expert team at Kildonan Crossing Dental Centre is prepared to keep you smiling and cavity-free through the New Year. 

One fun holiday activity is an advent calendar countdown. We've come up with a few alternative ways to make your advent calendar a dental-smart activity while embracing the holiday season:

Dark Chocolate

Banning sweets completely during the holidays might be unrealistic, but you can minimize the risks to your teeth by avoiding hard candies or sticky toffees that could potentially crack your teeth or stay in your mouth for a long time, which causes cavities if not removed properly. Dark chocolate is a great idea to include if you want to add a sweet treat.

Toys And Games

Instead of giving your kids an advent calendar filled with sweets, switch to a countdown full of fun games, jokes or puzzles. For example, give your child a fun challenge by customizing your own jigsaw puzzle. Draw a picture or write a special message on a blank puzzle. Then break apart the pieces and place a puzzle piece on each day of your advent calendar.

Flavoured Toothpaste

Adding flavoured toothpaste to your advent calendar is a sure way to bring in some smiles. Although most kinds of toothpaste are mint flavoured, there's a variety of other flavours available. Some toothpastes come in spicy flavors such as fennel or cinnamon-clove, or even in fruit flavors such as strawberry, watermelon or peach. But remember, whichever toothpaste you select, make sure it contains fluoride as it strengthens tooth enamel. 

Brightly Coloured Flossers

Although flossing is vital for healthy teeth and gums, it isn't much fun for anybody. A way to make the experience better for kids is to try flossers because they come in fun shapes and bright colours (like a holiday red or green). Compared to traditional dental floss, flossers make it easier for little kids to hold and navigate between their teeth.

Use the holidays to make caring for your kids' dental health fun. Kildonan Crossing Dental Centre is here and ready to help keep your pearly whites bright and healthy this holiday season. We're located in the strip mall at the northwest corner of Lagimodiere Boulevard and Regent Avenue. For all your and your family's dental needs, book your appointment today!