When Should I Start Bringing My Kids To Kildonan Crossing Dental Centre?

toddler smiling

You should start bringing in your kids to the Kildonan Crossing Dental Centre for a checkup as soon as their teeth start coming in. 

Oral health is very important for your kids. Developing proper oral hygiene habits, including going to the dentist regularly, can set them up for a lifetime with a healthy, happy smile. Baby teeth usually start coming in around 6 months old, that is when it’s time to start introducing them to the dentist. At this first appointment, we’ll be looking to see how the teeth are coming in and what the gums look like. 

The sooner that kids get used to visiting the dentist the easier it is. We want to make sure your little ones are comfortable for each visit. To help, book an appointment for your kids where we sit down and talk to them about how to brush and floss properly, why it’s important to take care of their teeth, and even just getting used to sitting in a dental chair. 

If you haven’t taken your kids to the dentist for their first appointment and they’ve already got their baby teeth in, don’t worry. We’re here for you and your family’s dental needs. Book an appointment at Kildonan Crossing Dental Centre today. We’re conveniently located at Regent and Lagimodiere (not far from the corner of Panet Road and Reenders Drive).

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