This dental specialization often focuses on the health of the support structures for your teeth, like your gums and jaw bone. Disease or deterioration in these places can lead to tooth loss, and it is the role of the periodontist to help prevent these issues and ensure your teeth are well supported. A periodontist protects a person’s well-being by diagnosing and treating these issues early on. They often test for cancerous cells, and should the patient lose one or more teeth, the periodontist will suggest a course of action to ameliorate the situation. Surgery is often necessary in the case of advanced stages of gum disease, however as mentioned, prevention is a key aspect of this role.

How Does a Periodontist Appointment Work?

The start of your first periodontist appointment is just like any other dental visit. You may need to get x-rays and will need to provide most current medical information, upon which they will conduct a routine check of your mouth, jaw and gums. You’ll receive an update on the state of your mouth and let you know if you will need any further procedures to be done. If not, the periodontist will suggest some dental practices you should do daily to improve your current situation.

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