Parts of a Dental Team

We understand you can’t stop and get to know all of us at your appointment. Each member of our team plays an important part at the clinic, so we thought we’d break down our roles at KC Dental and how they serve you!

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The Dentists

Your dentist leads the team, bringing his or her experience to your oral health and development. You can count on your dentist finding and acting on any issues in your mouth, and advising you on the best practices to keep them bright and strong.

They’re trained to:

  • Properly examine your mouth
  • Advise on and treat any unhealthy or broken teeth
  • Understand and identify any signs of oral cancers
  • Inform you of the best oral hygiene practices
  • Perform oral surgeries
  • Proactively plan any future treatment with you

The Dental Hygienists

Your friendly dental hygienist cleans your teeth and advises you on the best oral care you can do at home.

They are trained to:

  • Scale, clean, and polish your teeth
  • X-ray your mouth
  • Create dental impressions for appliances and restorations
  • Teach you how to care for your mouth after oral surgeries


The Dental Assistants

This is the team member who makes sure you’re comfortable before and during oral surgery. They’re here to assist the dentist during any procedures, and they’re trained to:

  • Sterilize and handle tools and instruments
  • Keep your mouth dry during dental surgery
  • Ensure your safety and comfort

The Administration Team

Our administrative team members keep our office running. They’re the smiling faces you see when you walk in and the friendly voice on the other end of the line. They’re here to answer your questions about your appointments, billing, and anything in between.

You can get to know each of us individually on our team page!

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