Oral Health Month

Everything that happens in your mouth can affect your entire body, which is why it is so important to visit your dentist regularly. Only they have the training, skills and expertise to properly assess and address all your oral health care needs. Regular dental exams help prevent small problems from getting worse. Check out these tips for a healthier mouth!

Keep your mouth clean:
+ Wait at least 20–30 minutes after eating before brushing your teeth
+ Floss every day
+ Eat a well-balanced diet by limiting foods and beverages containing sugar or carbohydrates

Look for signs of gum disease:
+ Red, shiny, puffy, sore or sensitive gums
+ Bleeding when you brush or floss
+ Persistent bad breath

Look for signs of oral cancer:
Bleeding or open sores that don’t heal
+ White or red patches
+ Numbness or tingling
+ Small lumps and thickening on the sides or bottom of your tongue, the floor or roof of your mouth, the inside of your cheeks, or on your gums

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