Does Genetics Affect Oral Health?

January 10, 2024

Have you been to the newest Activate location down the block and noticed that some kids really look like there parents? Maybe they need those braces the same way their dad did. Or, have you ever heard someone mention that they are more susceptible to tooth decay because their mom or dad’s side of the family tends to be increasingly prone to cavities? Does that mean genetics is a factor in your oral health?

The short answer is yes! Research shows that genetics can play a role in increasing the likelihood of some oral diseases or abnormalities.

Here are some diseases and conditions that is directly or indirectly affected by your genetics:

·      Cleft Lip and Palate

·      Diabetes

·      Hypodontia

·      Heart Disease

·      Dentiogenesis Imperfecta

·      Anodontia

·      Down Syndrome

·      Apert Syndrome

You’ll be surprised that the most prevalent oral diseases, gum disease and tooth decay, are currently not linked to your genetic makeup. Or at least, current research doesn’t suggest that your genetics increases your susceptibility of these diseases.

Though, keep in mind that genetics doesn’t account for all of your oral health victories or woes. Ensuring proper, regular dental care is still key to healthy teeth and gums. It’s also important to note that other factors like your diet, smoking, alcohol consumption and even how much water you drink can affect your teeth. Anything you put into your mouth will affect your oral health.

Long story short, there may be situations where your genetics can influence your oral health. But, your current routine is crucial to maintaining your oral health and prevent any future diseases.

Our clinic is always accepting new patients! If you are concerned with how genetics may affect your oral health, and if your dental routine includes the proper steps towards protection, book an appointment at Kildonan Crossing Dental Center. Our team will look into the best solution for your smile.