Dental Hygienists: What They Do, and How They Help Us.

April 3, 2024

When you come in for your dental appointment, before you meet with your dentist, you’ll typically have a consultation and routine cleaning with your dental hygienist. They’ll ask some questions about your oral health history, inquire about any concerns you may have, and then proceed with a thorough cleaning to keep those pearly whites as bright as ever.

A lot of folks assume that dental hygienists are just there to clean and whiten your teeth. The truth is, they have several other important responsibilities! Your dental hygienist plays an instrumental role in detecting issues with your oral health, such as measuring your gum health to check for gum disease. If you need X-rays to get a closer look at your overall oral health, your dental hygienist can perform those in our office once they’ve been prescribed by a dentist too!

Dental hygienists are great advocates for your health, and they make great teachers, too. If you have any concerns or issues, your dental hygienist can educate you on simple solutions to improve your oral health and prevent problems from worsening.  

While you may experience some noticeable symptoms when an oral health problem arises, sometimes these things can go unnoticed. By routinely booking dental appointments, we can help you detect these issues early on — making them much easier to successfully treat.  

Ready to book your next appointment? Contact us at Kildonan Crossing Dental Centre, and we’ll schedule you for a routine cleaning and checkup. Having a clear picture of your current state of health — and having a solid action plan to maintain it — can bring so much confidence and reassurance. Let’s make your oral health a priority, so you can keep smiling bright all through the year.