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5 Tips To Keep Your Gums Healthy

September 17, 2021

You may focus your sights on your teeth when it comes to your oral health, but don’t forget to give an equal amount of attention to another vital part of your mouth - your gums. 

September is National Gum Care Month, and we, your friendly dental professionals at Kildonan Crossing Dental Centre in Winnipeg, are here to share some tips on how you can improve your gum health. 

Why Is It Important To Take Good Care Of Your Gums?

Taking proper measures to have healthy gums protects your mouth from gum disease. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and other severe health conditions (and more visits to your dentist). 

When you don’t give your gums the attention it needs, you will find yourself in challenging situations and having to pay costly dental bills. So, for the sake of your health and your wallet, it’s better to be proactive about your dental health than to suffer in the long run.

Tips For Healthy Gums 

 Follow these tips to keep your gum tissue in good shape:

Brush your teeth once every morning and again before you go to sleep. Brushing not only cleanses your teeth but also removes leftover food stuck between your chompers and gums as well. Make sure you use a soft-bristled toothbrush and don’t brush them too hard, or you may start developing gum recession

Floss your teeth daily. If handling floss is a challenge for you, there are other alternatives you can use, such as a dental pick, pre-threaded flosser, a water flosser, or wooden or silicone plaque remover. Your dentist or dental hygienist will be happy to help you figure out the best way to floss for your teeth.

Use anti-gum disease mouthwash. Kill plaque-causing bacteria in your mouth with an anti-gingivitis mouthwash. Adding this to your daily dental hygiene routine can protect your enamel from decay. 

Consider using a gum stimulator. A gum stimulator is a metal tool that has a rubber or silicone tip. It’s for stimulating good circulation, increasing blood and oxygen flow through gum tissue. It also prevents cavities by cleaning leftover food in your mouth. 

Visit your dentist and dental hygienist regularly. Your dentist will assess your mouth, recommend any necessary treatments and give you more tips to better your gum health. If they detect any problems, they can help prevent them from progressing to more severe cases. 

Healthy gums are firm and pale pink. They fit tightly against your teeth. If you are experiencing symptoms such as red, sore, receding, inflamed or bleeding gums, schedule an appointment with your dentist at Kildonan Crossing Dental Centre right away. 

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