Holistic Treatments For Your Smile: Tongue Scraping

Holistic treatments is a new series of posts which give you tips on how to brighten, and improve the health of your smile, naturally!

Today we will look at the benefits of tongue scraping.
Stick out your tongue and give it a hard look in the mirror. Does it have a slightly white or yellowish coating? Don’t worry, this is common. Throughout the day and even over the years, toxins, bacteria, food debris, and dead cells make their home right there in your mouth. How appetizing. Believe is or not, this can cause some major infections like gum disease, and some minor, but unappealing side effects like bad breath. The simplest way to prevent this is to remember to brush your tongue as you brush your teeth. Another easy alternative is to get a tongue scraper, and give that tongue a nice, gentle scrape!

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