KCDC’s Halloween Tips

Halloween is coming up, and we’re guessing your children are excited. It’d be ridiculous for us to recommend that you or your children not eat any candy at all, but we do have a few Halloween tips to keep everyone’s teeth healthy!

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Plan Out Your Night

Be sure to set expectations with your children before heading out for the night. How long will you be out for? Where are you going? How much candy are they allowed to eat once you get home?

Use A Small Bag

A pillow case will never feel full, especially when it comes to candy. Give your child a smaller bag to fill. This way, you’ll actually see an end to the candy pile, but your children will still feel that sense of accomplishment at the end of the night. It’s a win-win.

Check The Treats Afterward

We’ve all heard stories of children finding terrible things in their Halloween candy. Empty out the candy on the kitchen table. While your child is busy celebrating this year’s haul, take this time to check each piece. Throw out anything with a torn or punctured wrapper.

Ditch The Bad Candy

Everybody has their favourites. If you know your child doesn’t like a specific kind of candy, give it away or toss it. These are the candies that end up left behind after the quality stuff is gone, and your child might find themselves eating it just for the heck of it. In this case, the sugar is unnecessary and not particularly enjoyable. Your best bet is to get rid of it.

Brush and Floss

This one speaks for itself. We’re not going to tell you or your children to avoid candy at all costs because… well, it’s Halloween! Just be responsible about it. Make sure your child brushes and flosses that night and the next morning.

Lastly, have fun! Your child’s dental health is important to us, but we also want everyone to have a great Halloween. Be sure to enjoy yourself and eat a bunch of candy. As long as you follow these rules, you and your children will have an amazing night.

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