Foods your teeth love

It feels great knowing that some of our favourite foods are also doing our mouths a great service. Next time you dig into these five plaque-fighting superheroes, know that with each bite, you’ll be achieving a much healthier smile!
#1 Nuts
Nuts and seeds have high amounts of fiber, folic acid, calcium, and other vitamins, which help to strengthen your teeth and gums.
#2 Onions
This may seems strange, but as onions are quite acidic, they help to eliminate the accumulation of unhealthy bacteria in your mouth. Count on a small serving of onions to wipe your smile clean of bacteria, while lowering the risk of tooth decay.
#3 Green Vegetables
The greener the vegetable, the more vitamins and minerals it contains – and the better it is for your smile. Count on dark green vegetables to strengthen your tooth enamel.
#4 Cheese
A study published in the May/June 2013 issue of General Dentistry reported that eating cheese raises the pH levels in your mouth, and lowers the risk of tooth decay. This is a reason for all cheese enthusiasts out there to celebrate!
#5 Yogurt
Jumping on the dairy wagon is a no-brainer when it comes to oral health. All dairy products are full of calcium and protein, which is always a good pick for a healthier smile! However, we need to be conscious of the amount of added sugar found in common dairy products, such as yogurt. A high-sugar intake will have the opposite effect that you were wishing for.
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