Don’t Put Off Your Dental Treatment Plans

When you come in for a checkup and cleaning at Kildonan Crossing Dental Centre, we look for any issues that might need to be addressed. If we do find an issue, we will always discuss and work out a treatment plan with you. 

Any treatment plan that we recommend is yours alone, whether it’s fixing cavities, getting a mouthguard, needing a root canal, implant, braces or more. We will walk you through it so that you are comfortable and happy with the process and outcome.

These dental treatment plans sometimes take more than one appointment and may feel daunting to you and your pocketbook. We understand. It can be hard to keep up with your dental health when there are so many other priorities to deal with. Winter in Winnipeg can get very busy for families who have to juggle work commitments, school, sports (hockey!) and family over the holidays. But through all of that, you’ll be thankful for a healthy smile.  

Taking care of your oral health can help your overall health and happiness in the long run. The longer you wait to complete your treatment plan, the more work may need to be done in the future. 

There are many scenarios where a small dental problem can become a much larger one. If you’ve been putting off getting a cavity fixed, for example, it could develop into a root canal. If you need a nightguard because you have bruxism and are grinding your teeth, it could lead to further damage to your tooth enamel and cause increased sensitivity and tooth pain. 

It’s also important to know when your dental benefits plan turns over. Most dental benefits restart at the end of the calendar year. That means that it’s important to complete your dental treatment plan before year-end.

At Kildonan Crossing Dental Clinic, we want to make sure that you and your smile are well taken care of and that means booking appointments for those treatment plans. It only takes a minute to book an appointment and make sure your health and the health of your family remains a priority. We can’t wait to see you in our chairs. If you’ve forgotten where we’re located, our dental clinic is easy to find near the corner of Regent and Lagimodiere in Winnipeg.  

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