Complete Dentures

Though there are several misconceptions surrounding dentures, we are committed to providing a comfortable experience – whether you are curious about denture options or if they are right for you – we are here to clarify any of your questions or concerns.

We offer three main types of dentures at our Winnipeg Dental Centre: Complete, Partial, and Overdentures. Over the next little while, we’ll be illustrating all three types of dentures on our blog – to help you better understand their application and purpose.

Complete dentures are often made of an acrylic resin. They act as artificial replacements for your natural teeth, and are needed when you have several unhealthy teeth, or no teeth at all. Complete dentures cover your entire jaw and can be used in place of your upper teeth, lower teeth, or both. They consist of artificial teeth and gums, and rest directly on your natural gums. Read more here for best maintenance practices and how to comfortably adjust to living with dentures.

If you are considering dentures, a consultation with one of our Winnipeg dentists at Kildonan Crossing Dental will provide you a depth of understanding prior to the procedure.

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