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Wearing Elastics

The purpose of elastics (rubber bands) is to achieve a good upper and lower jaw relationship. Results are usually quick with constant, regular wear.  Otherwise progress can be slow!  Forgetting to wear your elastics could cause a setback in your progress and make wearing your braces a longer process. The more you wear your elastics, the sooner you will be finished with them!!

  • Please wear your elastics exactly as shown. These instructions are specific to your bite.
  • It is necessary to wear your elastics 24 hours a day, unless otherwise specified. Elastics should be removed for eating and tooth brushing, but should be replaced immediately after. Continue to wear your elastics until you are told otherwise.
  • You should replace your elastics with new elastics at least once daily. Elastics will lose their elasticity throughout the day and will therefore not continue moving your teeth efficiently.
  • Keep a package of elastics with you at all times. In case one breaks or you lose one, you can replace it immediately.
  • If you need more elastics, please call our office to get a new package.
  • Some soreness and looseness is normal. This means your teeth are moving, the discomfort should go away with consistent wear.