Heart Month

Did you know that heart disease and stroke take one life every 7 minutes? Or that 90% of Canadians have at least one risk factor? There are many things you can do to maintain a healthy heart, and some of them may include what you do for your oral health. Start by eating healthier, adding exercise to your routine and taking care of your body by visiting your doctor and dentist regularly.

Help raise awareness and funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation by taking part in Heart Month. The Heart Month campaign began in 1958 when the Heart and Stroke Foundation committed to raise $600,000 to fund heart research. Today, Heart Month sees canvassers fundraising nationally for the cause.

Heart Month is the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s key opportunity to reach millions of Canadians in February and alert them to the risks of heart disease and stroke. Do your part by getting involved and volunteering or donating today. Please visit Heart and Stroke Foundation page for more information.

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