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With summer vacation in motion, it’s easy to forget about the health of your smile. After all, all we want on a exhausting hot day is a nice refreshing treat. The problem is, it’s hot every day, and most of Read more

You may hear dentists throwing a few numbers and phrases around as your mouth is being examined.  Wouldn’t you like to know what they’re saying about your teeth? Let’s step in the boots of a dentistry professional and learn some Read more

Dental injuries are the most common type of facial injury sustained from participation in sports. They’re also easily preventable: simply wear a mouth guard! It may seem trivial to some, but think of the impact a cracked tooth could have Read more

It feels great knowing that some of our favourite foods are also doing our mouths a great service. Next time you dig into these five plaque-fighting superheroes, know that with each bite, you’ll be achieving a much healthier smile! #1 Read more

It’s easy to forget about the health of our smile while soaking up some sun at the pool. However, we need to be mindful. Chlorine in the pool can be damaging to our teeth if exposed to it regularly – Read more

Brush your teeth the eco-friendly way! You can start small by simply turning off the water – it’s common to leave it running as we brush, however being a little more mindful goes a long way. Another way we can Read more

Start cleaning your child’s mouth even before their teeth come in! Starting your child’s dental care early is a good habit to get into soon after they are born. All you need is a damp, warm washcloth, which you will Read more

Holistic Treatments is a new series of posts, which offer tips on how to brighten and improve the health of your smile, naturally! Today we will look at the benefits of using Tea Tree Oil Floss. It is undisputed that Read more

Evidence shows that green tea helps to keep our gums nice and healthy – all thanks to a particular flavonoid and antioxidant more formally called Catechins. These superheroes are able to reduce the formation of unhealthy bacteria in the mouth. And, Read more

Holistic treatments is a new series of posts which give you tips on how to brighten, and improve the health of your smile, naturally! Today we will look at the benefits of tongue scraping.Stick out your tongue and give it Read more